Pediatricians call for strict gun laws to protect kids

Pediatricians Thursday called for the strictest possible regulation of gun…

Pediatricians Thursday called for the strictest possible regulation of gun sales, as well as more education for parents on the dangers of having a gun at home, to prevent deaths of kids and teens.

In a policy statement published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers representing the American Academy of Pediatrics said the number of gun-related deaths in youth has dropped nationally since the mid-1990s, but is still many times higher than rates in other wealthy countries.

The report was released to coincide with the AAP National Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans.

Its most important purpose, according to co-lead author Dr. Robert Sege from Boston Medical Center, is to reiterate that kids and teens are at risk if they have access to guns.

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  • Jay C.

    Pediatricians should stick to “practicing medicine” instead of trying to practice law. Needless to say the co-author is from Massachussets. Educate your kids on gun safety and the laws as early as they can handle a weapon.

  • Each and every documented mis-use of a firearm was found to be illegal, through un-lawful acquisition, mis-handling by untrained/unsupervised persons, and similar to a large percentage of home cleansers and vehicle accidents.

    Doesn’t the CDC list some 80% of falls in the home to unsafe practices, slippery tubs and showers?

    So, lets try to regulate all tubs, showers, cleansers and vehicles!

    More people are injured in vehicles than all the criminals shot during crimes, each year! (FBI)

    “Common sense is not so common” Voltaire

  • Gregory

    I got into it with my daughter’s pediatrician two years ago. I was handed a home safety survey. Guess what question was on there, give up? Are there any firearms in your house? I told the Pediatrician that it was none of her business. I got the typical response “well we just want to make sure your daughter has a safe environment to live in”. The Pediatrician was not very pleased with my lack of cooperation. I let her know that I could care less about her displeasure. Needless to say, a long black line was drawn through the question, as well as the other questions.

    To all the Pediatricians out there, stay the hell out of my home and personal life! I pay you to treat my child’s colds, viruses and fevers. Do what I pay you for and no more.

  • kurt

    Maybe they should stick to medicine and leave gun laws alone. Or they need to get involved in everything that is dangerous to children.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Here is how our state gun laws protect kids!

    Oklahoma girl, 12, shoot suspected burglar
    Published October 19, 2012

    Associated Press

    DURANT, Okla. – Authorities say a 12-year-old girl shot and wounded a man who kicked in the back door of her home.

    Oklahoma City television station KWTV reports the incident happened Wednesday in Bryan County. The girl told police that a stranger rang the doorbell, then went around to the back door and kicked it in.

    Police say the girl called her mother, who told her to get the family’s gun, hide in a closet and call 911. Authorities say the man came into the room where she was hiding and tried to open the closet door.

    Bryan County Undersheriff Ken Golden says the girl opened fire when the man turned the doorknob.