Pennsylvania Senate votes to expand ‘castle doctrine’ – right to use deadly force against attackers.

In Pennsylvania, as in most states, your home is your…

In Pennsylvania, as in most states, your home is your castle and you have a right to defend it.
Soon, you will be able to add your car. Or the sidewalk. Or anywhere you “have the legal right to be.”

The state Senate, in a 45-5 vote, gave final approval Monday to the so-called castle doctrine bill to expand the right of people to use deadly force against attackers in places outside their homes.

A spokesman for Gov. Corbett said the governor would sign the bill but was not sure when.

The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Scott Perry (R., York), eliminates a requirement that people try to retreat before using deadly force in those situations.

Proponents – led by the National Rifle Association – say the legislation would enhance public safety by exempting gun owners acting in self-defense from prosecution.

“Law-abiding gun owners should not have to fear prosecution for acting to prevent a violent crime,” said Sen. Richard Alloway (R., Franklin). “I am thankful that the General Assembly has taken action to protect responsible gun owners who respond when facing a serious threat from a criminal.”

Source: Amy Worden for the Inquirer Harrisburg Bureau/

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