Pennsylvania state bill would allow citizens to sue city over gun laws.

Image: The Pennsylvania Capitol building seen from State Street in…

Image: The Pennsylvania Capitol building seen from State Street in Harrisburg. Dan Gleiter, The Patriot-News/file

A bill which would allow cities to be sued for local gun laws is currently pending in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

The legislation would require a total of 30 cities — including Philadelphia — to pay damages to plaintiffs who challenge the cities’ gun regulation laws.

The bill passed out of the House committee with bipartisan support, and it will be voted in the House in the beginning of March, according to John Hohenwarter, National Rifle Association’s Pennsylvania State Liaison.

The bill, heavily supported by the NRA, was in response to the cities’ move toward penalizing gun owners who fail to report lost or stolen guns. If passed, NRA and other interest groups can preemptively sue cities for upholding Lost or Stolen Handgun Reporting law.

Four years ago, cities from across the state — Allentown, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia — proposed a statewide Lost or Stolen Handgun Reporting law to make sure legal gun owners would be held accountable for their guns. The proposal was rejected by the state legislature, but Philadelphia was the first to pass the law in 2008, and 29 other cities followed suit in the next two years.

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