Pensacola, FL reporter rides along with proactive Tactical Unit (video).

FOX10 rides along with the ECSO: Heather Williams is…

FOX10 rides along with the ECSO:

Heather Williams is living her childhood dream as a deputy with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.

She’s the only female member of the department’s Tactical Unit, known simply as TAC, a group which specializes in proactive, street-level work to stop crime before it happens.

“As we’re patrolling the neighborhood, when you find several individuals- four, five, six- hanging out either at the bottom of some stairs, or on the electric boxes, or at the corner- they’re not doing anything, they’re not playing basketball, anything like that- those are the groups that we typically have problems with as far as warrants, narcotics, trespassing, and everything else,” Williams said.

Source: Russell Colburn for FOX10TV.

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