Pentagon permits military officials access to Facebook, Twitter.

Military members across ranks and stations will now have access…

Military members across ranks and stations will now have access to popular social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter, under a new policy announced by the Pentagon on Friday.

Previously, those Web sites had been blocked on most service members’ computers, in part out of concerns that social networking could consume too much of the military’s bandwidth or present serious security risks to U.S. interests.

However, the new policy, which arrives at the conclusion of a seven-month review, would allow even troops in the field access to those Web sites on the Pentagon’s non-classified network.
Those sites have been banned since 2007, according to the Pentagon.

However, commanders will still have the ability to cut access to Facebook, Twitter and other networks to safeguard their missions or local networks. But the Pentagon specified last week leaders could only block such content on temporary basis; access must eventually be restored.

“This directive recognizes the importance of balancing appropriate security measures while maximizing the capabilities afforded by 21st Century Internet tools,” Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn III said Friday in a statement.

Facebook later heralded the decision, noting the Pentagon had already set up its own page that has attracted thousands of fans.

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