Pentagon surprised, concerned as China debuts high-tech weapons.

The Chinese military is making significant advances in sophisticated weapons…

The Chinese military is making significant advances in sophisticated weapons at a pace that has caught the Pentagon off guard, a senior U.S. intelligence official acknowledged.

The new weapons, coming as China’s navy becomes more assertive in the western Pacific and South China Sea, include an advanced long-range ballistic missile, the Dong Feng 21D, said to be able to hit U.S. aircraft carriers before they are in striking range of the Chinese coast, and a new stealth fighter that could challenge the best new American fighter, the F-22.

“Across a broad array of weapons systems, they are making progress,” U.S. Navy Vice Adm. David Dorsett told reporters Wednesday. While the development of the new stealth fighter was anticipated, he said that “the speed at which they are making progress . . . we underestimated.”

But Dorsett emphasized that while China is making worrisome advances in sophisticated conventional weapons like missiles and jet fighters, the larger concern is China’s intent and capability to wield “non-kinetic” power in the form of cyber warfare and offensive and defensive information warfare.

“I don’t think we are behind” in these new forms of warfare,” Dorsett said, “Are we where we want to be in the future? No, but we are building the foundations.”

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