Pentagon to adopt military-wide gun regulations in response to Fort Hood shooting deaths.

The U.S. military will adopt a broad policy governing how…

The U.S. military will adopt a broad policy governing how privately owned guns can be carried or stored at military installations after the shooting deaths of 13 people last year at Fort Hood, Texas.

Maj. Nidal Hasan had little or no access to military firearms in his job but was able to buy two handguns and bring them onto the base.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates ordered this week that a comprehensive new policy be developed to cover all branches of the military and its bases and offices. The standardized policy would replace or buttress a patchwork of regulations adopted by each service or individual military installation.

The weapons policy is among recommendations for security and administrative upgrades released by the Pentagon on Thursday. Gates ordered that an interim weapons policy be in force by June, and a permanent one by early next year.

The new policy is expected to mirror restrictions already in place at some military installations that, for example, require guns brought onto a base to be registered with military police.

Gates also ordered changes in the way tips and information in criminal investigations are shared, and directed an internal review of personnel policies on health care records. An outside panel said those policies can prevent higher-ups from knowing about behavior or other problems that might be warnings of violent behavior.

Source: AP

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  • Tyler

    The Tactical Life Webmaster will fix the spelling error. They’re always swift with that but it’s the weekend, give the guy a break.

  • James Hunt

    Gun control on military posts is not the answer. What makes Gates think that Maj. Hasan would have registered his weapons with the Provost Marshall anyway?

  • Walter

    How about the military vet it’s own better and arrest the militant jihadis it has in it’s own ranks. It isn’t about guns. It’s about finding the sleeper cells and eliminating them.

  • Justin Hughes

    “Ford Hood” ?

  • Henry L

    So disarming the honest people will help protect everyone on the base. I never can understand how people assume tougher gun regulations stop crime. What percentage of criminals do you suppose get their weapons through normal legal channels? Further more, it is not feasible for MP’s to search every vehicle from top to bottom for a hidden weapon.

  • Jerry

    Tougher gun regulations wont help. If some of the troops there would have been armed it may have really limited the number dead. It could have been a couple with this terrorist being one of them. We trust our troops with our country and our freedoms let them enjoy the same freedoms we have.