Nassau County Police Pistol Range
The all new Nassau County Police Pistol Range (CREDIT: Newsday)

Pistol Range Reopens For Nassau County Police

Nassau County Police pistol range sees major upgrades upon reopening after cleanup of environmental concerns.
Nassau County Police Pistol Range lead

The all new Nassau County Police Pistol Range (CREDIT: Newsday)

Police in Nassau County got their pistol range back Wednesday.

The range had been closed to “remediate lead contamination while safeguarding the facility, members of the police force and surrounding area from any future concerns about lead concentration,” according to a release.

The county also used the cleanup as an opportunity to significantly upgrade the facility for the law enforcement officers who will be using it.

“This is a state-of-the-art facility and, as far as I know, there’s no better facility in any law enforcement agency in New York,” Nassau’s Acting Police Commissioner Tom Krumpter told Newsday.

The facility plays a critical role in keeping Nassau County Police Officers well-trained in the use of firearms. Nassau is the safest large County in the nation and crime is down 12 percent since 2011, down 10 percent this year, and at the lowest level since crime stats have been recorded in Nassau County.

The $6.5 million renovation includes “a state-of-the-art lead collection system will protect personnel from exposure to lead by trapping and collecting any bullets that are fired. A vacuum system also collects air borne matter at the bullet impact zone,” according to Nassau County News Network.

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