Plans for Military-Style “Surge” on U.S./Mexican Border

As part of the potential immigration deal, Republicans and Democrats…

As part of the potential immigration deal, Republicans and Democrats reached agreement on a costly, military-style surge to secure the leaky U.S.-Mexican border. The move would potentially clear the way for Senate passage of legislation that would give millions of illegal immigrants a chance at U.S. citizenship.

Lawmakers in both parties described a southern border that would be bristling with law enforcement manpower and technology as a result of legislation at the top of President Obama’s second-term domestic policy agenda. The emerging deal called for a doubling of the Border Patrol, with 20,000 new agents, 18 new unmanned surveillance drones, 350 miles of new fencing, and an array of fixed and mobile devices to maintain vigilance.


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  • egs

    i suppose we always have enough time and money to do it right the second or third time. its bad enough that the gov’t can’t enforce the laws already on the books (border fence bill from 2005, anyone?). yeah, we have the budget for this, once the dem’s get their tax increases.

  • Rusty Mason

    Congress, Wall Street, and the MSM are nothing but a bunch of liars and thieves. They know that border security is a farce and will not work anyway because most illegals are coming in by car, truck, boat, and plane. They also know that once the illegals are given amnesty, that there will be massive chain migration, and that real estate prices will rise again. Feel enriched yet by all this vibrant diversity?

  • freddie mac

    Great, 8 million more libtards….outstanding…