Police begin enforcing controversial Arizona immigration measure

Arizona police on Wednesday began enforcing a controversial "show-your-papers" provision…

Arizona police on Wednesday began enforcing a controversial “show-your-papers” provision of a state law targeting illegal immigration as civil rights groups prepared to document allegations of racial profiling.

Police in the border state with Mexico are now authorized to begin conducting immigration status checks of anyone they stop for any reason and suspect of being in the country illegally after a federal judge on Tuesday lifted an injunction against the provision requiring such checks.

The measure, upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in June, is part of a broad Arizona clampdown on illegal immigration signed into law in 2010 by Republican Governor Jan Brewer, an outspoken foe of President Barack Obama’s administration on immigration.

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  • Dr.lector

    God I love my state!!!!! Finally taking matters into our own hands. Obama and all his weak minded followers can cry all they want but Arizona will protect its own!!! By the way can I see your papers please…….