Police chief of a central California city urges residents to lock up their firearms because of gang burglaries.

Stealth Storage The police chief of a Central California city…

Stealth Storage

The police chief of a Central California city is urging residents to secure their firearms as a way of fighting crime.

“Lock them up,” Manteca Police Chief Nick Obligacion said.

The chief says he supports the right to bear arms but would like to see more law-abiding gun owners use safes to lock up their weapons. He said 90% of the 38 guns his department has taken off the streets recently are guns that were stolen in burglaries.

“A gang member doesn’t go into Big 5 or Bass Pro and say, ‘Hey, can I have that 357 off the shelf? I’m going to do a drive-by and wait 15 days to do the drive by.’ It’s a gun that’s been stolen off the street,” Obligacion said.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

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  • Jim Mullin

    The GANGs are not in hiding.They are right out in the open.They wear certain clothes and tattoos. The cops know where they hang out.Instead of telling citizens to lock up their guns,let the cops go out hunting the gangs.Make it a RICO crime to have a gang tattoo and gang clothing.If one gang member committs a crime arrest them all.If they resist,shoot them all.Many of them are foreign invaders anyway.We don’t care if we blowup people in other countries thousands of miles away,so why not blowup real foreign threats to our society and country on our home turf?If the cops want the military toys,let them use them against gangs not “patriots”.

  • Freddie Mac

    Can’t carry them all, lol. Wish I could. Also, quite a few sheriff’s/CoP’s in the RPK are anti-2A and pretty much won’t issue CCW’s to law-abiding people.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Lock them up? Shouldnt they be carrying them?