Police department uses RFID technology to tag pistols and ballistic vests.

Image: rfidworld.ca The Hamburg Police Department is using RFID technology…

Image: rfidworld.ca

The Hamburg Police Department is using RFID technology developed by Schreiner LogiData to allocate firearms and ballistic vests to officers.

RFID labels integrated into firearms and body armor enable fast, automatic identification when items are check in and out, and while officers are on duty. Integrated into the pistol’s grip, this robust RFID label provides accuracy surrounded by metal and withstands the impact when the weapon is fired, through its service life.

Schreiner LogiData RFID labels support full functionality for automatic identification and registration of pistols. It is now possible to document that every officer has received the right weapon and has returned it to the arms room when going off duty.

The police department has also had their ballistic vests equipped so that they can be quickly allocated to the right individual at the time of check-out, on duty, and to reliably identify the officer in case of an accident.

Integration of RFID labels in the weapons and protective vests avoids errors that can occur when serial numbers are manually entered into a system, which make administration and management of weapons and vests more efficient and saves time.

Source: RFID News

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