Police discover more crooks using technology to steal people’s identities around South Florida (video).

WSVN-TV - Police said these so-called skimming devices are placed…


Police said these so-called skimming devices are placed over part of the machine where a customer inserts a debit or credit card. A camera on the device then captures the user entering his or her PIN number. With that information the crooks are able to make off with a lot of cash.

This scam-in-the-making was last caught on camera outside of a Publix on 3400 N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday. Police want to talk to two men caught on camera who acted suspiciously around an ATM.

A few days earlier, Friday morning, a Coral Springs Publix on Wild Road, saw similar activity. “They put in on right over here,” said Craig London, one of the victims of the scam, “and that’s why you can’t tell the difference, and that’s what’s happening, and they say they could be sitting in a car 20 yards away, and it gets transmitted to a hard drive and reads your card information.”

Source: WSVN News 7

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