Police: Guns were destroyed during probe of Detroit crime lab.

Detroit police continued melting down firearms long after Wayne County…

Detroit police continued melting down firearms long after Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy requested a freeze on destroying evidence during her investigation into tainted crime lab evidence.

And Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee said a preliminary investigation following revelation last week that the building was left unsecured after it closed in 2008 found no evidence was left behind. After the lab closed in April 2008 due to rampant errors and mishandling of evidence, Worthy said she requested that police stop destroying evidence.

“As early as April or May 2008 … Kym Worthy asked for a freeze not to destroy evidence,” Assistant Prosecutor Maria Miller said Monday.

However, Detroit Police Cmdr. Robert Ennis said police continued to melt down guns for months. Police periodically destroy guns turned in by citizens, as well as those used in cases that have been adjudicated.

“We had a meeting at the beginning of 2009, and we placed a hold on over 100,000 pieces of evidence,” Ennis said. “It wasn’t only firearms, but a lot of different kinds of evidence. And we stopped melting guns that had been used in previous cases.”

When asked why police continued to melt down firearms after the crime lab was found to be tainted, Ennis said: “I can’t answer that. I wasn’t part of that process then; I didn’t come on board until later.”

Source: George Hunter for The Detroit News.

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