Police in Northern Ireland consider using mini drones.

Misrata as seen from the Aeryon Scout UAV via aeryon.com.…

Misrata as seen from the Aeryon Scout UAV via aeryon.com.

Police aerial surveillance in Northern Ireland may be about to take on a whole new form – one that belongs more to the world of sci-fi and the future.

The PSNI is considering the use of mini drones to combat crime and the dissident republican threat.

They are not the large missile carrying drones used by the US military.

It is understood the models being considered are small enough to fit into a rucksack and can be assembled and deployed within minutes.

Aeryon Labs, the Canadian manufacturers of one of these unmanned aerial vehicles, known by the military as UAVs, say it snaps together as easily as children’s building blocks.

It is fitted with a camera that automatically tracks a subject, can relay live pictures back to the operator, has a three kilometre range and flies at ground speeds of 50 kilometres an hour.

Source: Vincent Kearney for BBC

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  • LtCol.JamesP Mueller

    Why don’t the British ( saxons-Germans )Just leave the Irish-Celts alone?The worst thing GW Bush ever did was to lump all freedom fighters in with terrorists.They even teach the FBI that the Founding Fathers were just terrorists.FBI,am i wrong?