Police: Man arrested for impersonating Marine arrested in Massachusetts (video).

A Lowell man is under arrest and accused of lying…

A Lowell man is under arrest and accused of lying to police about being a high-ranking official in the Marines.

The man told an officer that pulled him over that he was trying to collect toys for the organization “Toys for Tots.” He was even wearing a uniform and medals he did not earn.

The officer who pulled the man over was a former Marine himself and he was not fooled by the man’s disguise.

The man was arrested on his way to Shopper’s Café in Waltham. The restaurant was holding a “Toys for Tots” event and the supposed Staff Sergeant was supposed to pick up the toys.

Source: WHDH

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  • Jman

    shame on any man/women who impersonates both military and law enforcement. come on really?? we had one of our law enforcement sherrifs in lake county Montana who claimed to be in the iraq/afghan war told great stories and he was granted the lead role in their swat call outs. putting more people in danger. shame on all of you…. a leason for everyone be very careful who you trust…

  • Will

    What is the punishment for putting on a cops uniform and parading around the city?

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    He oughta be sentanced to having to attend Marine training without being allowed to be a Marine. I’m sure there are some understanding and caring DIs that would help him!