Police officer accidently discharges flight attendant’s pistol at airport security in Philadelphia.

Image: Ben/Flickr A flight attendant with a permit to carry…

Allison at airport security
Image: Ben/Flickr

A flight attendant with a permit to carry a handgun forgot to leave her weapon at home Sunday morning, leading to the accidental discharge of the gun by a police officer at Philadelphia International Airport.

The flight attendant, who is an employee of Republic Airlines, which operates US Airways Express flights out of Philadelphia, put her handbag on the X-ray machine conveyor belt as she went through the routine security check about 6:30 a.m. at Terminal C, said Jim Fotenos, spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration.

TSA officers noticed the gun and alerted Philadelphia police officers, who responded quickly, police spokesman Lt. Ray Evers said.

A female police officer, whom the department declined to name, tried to make the weapon safe by removing the bullets but instead accidentally fired it, Evers said. The bullet that was discharged hit the ground and did not injure anyone.

Source: Claudia Vargas for Philly.com.

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