Police seize grenade launchers, 12,000 rounds of ammo from Waterloo, Ontario home.

Police seized grenade launchers and more than 100 firearms from…

Police seized grenade launchers and more than 100 firearms from a Waterloo home during a raid Monday afernoon.

Members of the Waterloo Regional Police Strategic and Tactical Services unit and the Anti-Violence Guns and Gangs unit executed a search warrant at the Wissler Road residence Monday, seizing the guns and grendade launchers along with 12,000 rounds of ammunition and a military-issue mortar.

A Waterloo man has been charged with weapons and storage offenses.

Source: The Record

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  • LaserGuy

    Oh wow this makes us feel so much safer.. Another Senior Citizen Militaria Collector’s REGISTERED PROPERTY is confiscated for no reason other than to placate some hoplophobes unsubstantiated fears. Aren’t we all lucky that this heinous villain is now been deprived of his LAWFUL Property.. Why don’t you go raid someone that poses a threat to society? After all, the Police Chiefs tell us the ‘Gun Registry’ knows where they all are! PROVE IT