Police shooting in Anaheim, CA that left a man dead led to a violent clash as angry witness threw bottles at officers who responded with tear gas and beanbag rounds (video).

YouTube Description via NewsLive A police shooting that left a…

YouTube Description via NewsLive

A police shooting that left a man dead led to a violent clash as angry witness threw bottles at officers who responded with tear gas and beanbag rounds to suppress the crowd, authorities said.

The man was shot in front of an apartment complex around 4 p.m. following a foot chase, Anaheim Sgt. Bob Dunn said. He died three hours later at a hospital.

As officers were investigating what happened at the scene, Dunn said an angry group of people began yelling and throwing bottles at them. He said that as officers detained several people, the crowd advanced on officers so they fired tear gas and beanbag rounds at them.

Video captured by a KCAL-TV crew showed a chaotic scene in which officers fired beanbag rounds as some people ducked to the ground while others scattered screaming. A man is seen yelling at an officer even as a weapon is pointed at him; two adults huddled to shield a boy and girl. Meanwhile, a police dog ran into several people sitting on the grass, including a woman and child in a stroller, before biting a man in the arm.

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  • Arizona rules

    I completely agree with Kalifornia. These people obviously were in the wrong place wrong time but by choice. In my field we call it the Hispanic panic. I don’t believe shooting into a crowd of unarmed citizens but until you have been placed in that situation you can’t discount the officers for their actions. There is an overwhelming thought of being sued no matter what you do and all these ghetto bunnies are for sure going to try and get rich. Officers are taught restraint with the use of force and that any situation were they may be forced to use their weapon could result in a number of problems for that officer. Trust me the suspect did something to force the officers hand. And by the way would the last American that leaves California please grab the flag!!!

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    dunno wasnt there so I’m not gonna monday morning QB the LEOs actions but when stuff happens well stuff happens good, bad and ugly
    I dont stand around when bad stuff is going on and I sure dont have my kids where they could even be close to the line of fire. Yep great ideas, lets have a picnic and watch the entertainment on our lawn because we have rights and it looks like fun. Yep you got hurt because it’s someone elses fault not because you made a bad choice by being there where stuff was happening
    Getto Idiots

  • Jeff

    @Mr. K, the important thing to consider is this: an officer was confronted by witnesses after he shot and killed an unarmed man. I don’t think its unreasonable for people to react to that. It is however an overreaction for police to shoot at women and children that are gathered on their lawns.

    The record as it stands is that the police gave no warning or instructions to disperse before opening fire.

    Now I agree when their are instigators who are throwing rocks etc, the police need to react, and they did by detaining those individuals. Shooting blindly into a crowd of women and children gathererd to one side after you detained the trouble makers that seems excessive.

  • Mr. K

    Here’s an idea, leave if you dont want to get bit… Something tells me you and the rest of them were told over and over again to disperse. And great job by the news crew trying to make the police look like the bad guys. Just another reason I wont live in California.