Police vs Chris Dorner firefight footage (video)

Here's the rather terrifying video of yesterday's firefight between police…

Here’s the rather terrifying video of yesterday’s firefight between police and a man they believe was Chris Dorner, the ex-cop turned alleged cop killer. For those of you who followed the live coverage, some of the audio will sound familiar, as it was played repeatedly throughout the evening as the standoff unfolded in California. But this is the first time we’re seeing the video.

Source: Josh Voorhees for Slate

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  • Simon

    Hope there’s more of these guys around. This filthy, liberal democracy is reaping the whirlwind, and it’s getting stronger every day. STORM BREAK LOOSE!

  • Sam

    He got what a mass murderer deserved. He wanted to kill many more and his death prevented that.

    Why should tax payers have to fund a lenghty trial that would have ended in the death penality and years of appeal. He would have got the needle anyway probavly with more deaths to his credit. Good riddance.