Policewomen reality show in hot water with city.

A reality television series that profiles female deputies is in…

A reality television series that profiles female deputies is in hot water with one Broward county city.
Pompano Beach city leaders have learned that a recent arrest within city limits was filmed by the production crew taping the TV show.

“The Real Policewomen of Broward County” is aired nationally on the cable television network TLC. Pompano Beach was in much of the first season but some residents complained about the cameras.

“The BSO deputies get overly dramatic when they arrest people. To me, that’s a problem,” said community activist Vicente Thrower at last month’s commission meeting.

Source: Terrell Forney for Local10.com.

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  • Mario

    Who is making the judgment call on what’s “overly dramatic” and what is not?

  • John

    Because fit female cops with attitudes are hot.

  • Wolfman

    We’ve only had female police officers for a little over 40 years. Has the experiment been successful? If so, why need an ad campaign like this show? If you could change the rules, and make departments “all male” would service be better, worse, or about the same? What if they were “all female”

  • Steve Doran

    I bet the community activist has a record . I bet everyone at the city meeting was a criminal . LOL

  • General Jim M

    You end up in an unexpected gunfight and you want those clowns with cameras hanging around? It’s an unnessary distraction.

  • CBec

    Hahahaaha, “Community Activist”? If people don’t want to be filmed by Police Officers fighting crime, don’t do crime.

  • David

    I lived in Broward county my whole life,the trash in pompano deserves to be taken down hard. Broward is a very dangerous place so unless your out there shut up and support BSO!