Portland, Oregon considering ban on public display of realistic fake guns (video).

Since the start of the year, Portland police have shot…

Since the start of the year, Portland police have shot two suspects who held replica guns. Bradley Morgan died from a single gunshot wound to the head after a standoff with police on top of a parking garage in January. And officers shot 31-year-old Jonah Potter last week near Laurelhurst Park in Southeast Portland.

Police said Potter also used his replica gun in an armed robbery the day before.

The city of Beaverton has had a similar ordinance in place for five years and according to a spokesman for the Beaverton Police Department, Mike Rowe, it is working quite well.

He said he’s noticed there are fewer crimes committed with them and no officer-involved shootings involving them since rules went into place prohibiting displays of replica guns in public or near schools.

Source: Thom Jensen for KATU News.

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  • Hi, I think that the ban on the replica guns would be a very sensible decision. I’m not saying that it would be a better option to have a real gun than a replica gun. But the considerably lower price of a replica gun, and the lack of any gun license associated with it, would mean a greater possibilities of people trying to pass it off as real guns, and thereby more chances of them getting involved in acts of violence.