Portland P.D. buys 10 custom Benelli M4 shotguns.

Lt. Gary Hutcheson of the Portland Police Department shows off…

Lt. Gary Hutcheson of the Portland Police Department shows off a Bennelli M4 12 gage shotgun Friday, Nov. 11, 2011. Staff Photo by Shawn Patrick Ouellette.

The department has purchased 10 Benelli M4 12-gauge shotguns, with a base price of $1,400 each, $1,800 with add-ons the department requested.

Lt. Gary Hutcheson, a firearms instructor with the department, described the new weapons as “the Cadillac” of shotguns.

Although they lack the ornately carved wood stock of the collectors edition civilian model, the weapons are extremely user-friendly and durable, he said.

“We fired this weapon for five hours straight at training and then we just wiped the guns down because they don’t get dirty,” Hutcheson said.

A standard shotgun or rifle would need to be cleaned thoroughly to prevent misfire and ensure its long-term effectiveness.

The $18,000 price tag for the shotguns was paid for with a Recovery Justice Assistance Grant, federal money designed to help equip law enforcement while stimulating the economy.

Source: David Hench for The Portland Press Herald.

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