Private Gun Buyers Ambush Police Buyback, Offer Cash Instead Of Gift Cards For Firearms

Seattle, Washington police held a gun buyback program over the…

Seattle, Washington police held a gun buyback program over the weekend for the first time in two decades, but not all the guns brought to the buyback were handed over to the police.

According to the Seattle Times, individuals gathered underneath Interstate 5 in a parking lot to hand over their guns in return for gift cards.

But, while Seattle PD was exchanging $100 and $200 gift cards for unwanted guns, makeshift gun shows sprang up on the sidewalks as gun enthusiasts offered cash to those standing in line.

Frustrated individuals standing for hours lost patience, making their way over to those surrounding the parking lot with “Cash for Guns” signs.

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  • JJMcDonald

    Now the only problem is the FFL Transfers that the buyers will have to fill out.
    Remember, I am from the government and I am here to help you (To help me).

  • shotgunnr

    definitely easier on the tax payers.

  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    This is the Best Idea I have heard in a long time.

    I have seen Old Ladies hand over 1st or 2nd Generation Colts for $50.

    At least we can be sure these aren’t going to the sheering machine.

  • EGS

    this needs to be in full effect at every opportunity.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    hahahahahaha free enterprise at it’s best!!!!