Proposed Michigan law would allow concealed gun permit holders to buy Tasers.

A Lansing single mother has been the victim of three…

A Lansing single mother has been the victim of three burglaries within the past year, and she’s convinced she needs some sort of weapon in her home to protect her family from intruders.

The 35-year-old believes a Taser is a weapon she and her children can live with.

“If I ever need to protect myself and (my) kids, I would prefer first not to use deadly force, as you would with a gun,” Rocha said. “A Taser would stop them, not kill them.”

Rocha is among mid-Michigan residents hoping the state Legislature will pass proposed legislation to allow citizens with concealed weapons permits to buy and carry a Taser. Michigan has banned the carrying of a stun gun since 1976, except for police and correctional officers; it is one of only seven states that prohibit residents from using them.

The Republican-controlled Michigan Senate passed the bill Oct. 4, and it now is pending before the Republican-controlled House.

Source: Scott Davis for Lansing State Journal.

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