Protesters return after Egypt’s VP slams call for president’s exit.

A mass of protesters maintained their ground at the epicenter…

A mass of protesters maintained their ground at the epicenter of demonstrations Wednesday after Egypt’s vice president said the call for President Hosni Mubarak’s immediate departure is disrespectful to the people of the country.

Protesters united in Cairo’s Tahrir Square Wednesday for a 16th day of demonstrations. A massive Egyptian flag was sprawled across part of Tahrir, and by 1 p.m. (6 a.m. ET) a large section of the square was packed.

Meanwhile, another group of protesters tried to block the country’s army from breaking up demonstrations near Egypt’s parliament. The army tried to talk protesters into leaving, but demonstrators blocked off two ends of the street in front of the parliament.

The throngs of protesters returned a day after Vice President Omar Suleiman denounced the massive call for Mubarak’s immediate exit.

“The word ‘departure,’ which is repeated by some of the protesters, is against the ethics of the Egyptians because Egyptians respect their elders and their president,” Suleiman told a group of newspaper editors, according to a state-run news agency. “It is also an insulting word not only to the president but for the people of Egypt as a whole.”

Source: CNN

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