Push on for stronger self-defense law in Washington state.

Washington State armed citizens are being lobbied to push for…

Washington State armed citizens are being lobbied to push for adoption of a proposed statute that will strengthen the Evergreen State’s lethal force self-defense law, a measure that was introduced in January and now waits for more co-sponsors.

Leading the charge is veteran firearms instructor Marty Hayes, founder of the Firearms Academy of Seattle. His primary concern is a 2005 Supreme Court ruling in State v. Brightman, a case involving a man who, during the course of a fistfight over $20, pulled a gun and struck his opponent only to have the pistol discharge, fatally wounding Dexter Villa near Titlow Beach in Tacoma.

The bill would amend this state’s self-defense statute, adding language that would make it a true “Castle Doctrine” law (as opposed to “Stand-Your-Ground” statutes in other states that are erroneously called “Castle Doctrine” laws in the press).

Learn more from Dave Workman’s column at Seattle Gun Rights Examiner.

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  • Kilroy

    Why are we sending guns to countries fighting for there freedoms and taking our rights and freedoms away here in the USA?????