Quincy, IL PD goes inside movie theater for monthly tactical training (video)

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“In this case here, it’s very realistic because we actually have people in there and a movie playing,” said Sergeant Doug VanderMaiden.

Sergeant VanderMaiden was one of dozens of personnel on site.

“Everybody on the team has a primary job, such as patrol, so when an incident does happen everybody that’s training today will be some of the officers responding to an incident,” said Sgt. VanderMaiden.

To make the scene more realistic, volunteers were asked to sit in the movie theatre. Ginger Hasbrouck was one of those volunteers and says she wasn’t quite sure what she was getting herself into.

“You just kind of wait to hear the gunshots and some of us are a little nervous at times and others you don’t really know what to expect,” explained Hasbrouck.

Source: Kaylee Pfeiferling for WGEM

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Great now rather than wait on the next knee jerk reaction look around at yur area and see where else you need to train