Radical preacher Abu Qatada wins appeal

A radical Islamist cleric described by prosecutors as a key…

A radical Islamist cleric described by prosecutors as a key Al Qaeda operative in Europe cannot be deported from Britain to Jordan to face terrorism charges, judges ruled Monday in the latest twist in a protracted legal saga.

Britain’s government has been attempting to expel radical preacher Abu Qatada since 2001, and immediately said it intended to mount an appeal against its latest setback at the country’s courts.

Abu Qatada has previously been convicted in his absence in Jordan of terrorist offenses related to two alleged bomb plots in 1999 and 2000, and he will face a retrial if deported there from Britain.

Though the government insisted it had won assurances from Jordan over how Abu Qatada’s case would be handled — including from Jordan’s King Abdullah II, who met with Cameron last week — judges said there was a real risk that evidence obtained through torture would be used against the cleric.

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