New sensors can help railways detect electromagnetic attacks in Europe.
The SECRET Project developed new sensors to help railways detect electromagnetic attacks in Europe.|Photo by Wikimedia Commons

New Sensors Can Help Railways Detect Electromagnetic Attacks

The European Union founded a project to help railways identify and deal with electromagnetic attacks.

The European Union has funded a project to help railways become more secure. After a train bombing in Madrid 11 years ago, it was clear the the European railway system needed to be improved. According to, The Homeland Security News Wire, the SECRET (SECurity of Railways against Electromagnetic aTtacks) Project, has developed new technology to identify and face the threat.

Today, electromagnetic attacks are more likely than before. According to The Homeland Security News Wire, “communication jammers are easy to use and available for anyone to purchase on the Internet, which means that communications could potentially be jammed, with trains being delayed, blocked or even diverted.” When detection sensors recognize a threat, railway operators can switch the network to a “safe mode,” that will prevent a specific electromagnetic attack.

Virginie Deniau, coordinator of the SECRET project, said electromagnetic attacks can lead to trains being prevented from departing, forced to stop and create financial losses. Deniau expects the technology to reach the market relatively quickly because of how vital security must be on railways, especially in Europe.

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