Reality TV show ‘Guntucky’ puts family-run gun range on the map

The Sumner clan is getting a national boost thanks to…

The Sumner clan is getting a national boost thanks to “Guntucky,” a new reality show on CMT, but the stars of the family-run Knob Creek Gun Range has been famous among gun lovers for years.

The word started spreading in 1963 when Biff Sumner, Sr., first bought land on the edge of the woods surrounding Fort Knox Army Base about 20 miles south of Louisville, Ky., and invited a few friends over to fire off machine guns into the trees. Now, more than 16,000 people choke the gravel entrance to the property during its bi-annual Machine Gun Shoot, traveling from around the world to squeeze exotic triggers.

“Everybody likes to see something blow up,” the burly and mohawked Steven Sumner, 54, Biff Jr.’s son and the Knob Creek range supervisor, told NBC News in a phone interview this week. “They’re not into paper targets.”

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