Recall Looms for Gun Control Backer in Colorado

Colorado gun-rights activists turned in their petition signatures on Monday…

Colorado gun-rights activists turned in their petition signatures on Monday to set up the first recall in state history of a state lawmaker after he backed some of the strictest gun control measures to become law in the U.S. this year.

The opponents of Democratic Senate President John Morse said they turned in twice as many signatures as needed Monday to put Morse back on the ballot. Carting white paper boxes of petitions, the gun-rights advocates said Morse will pay for backing a series of gun control measures that were signed into law earlier this year.

“This shot will be heard around the world,” said Bill Adaska, a retired engineer from Denver who volunteered to gather recall signatures in Morse’s Colorado Springs district. “This is the race, right here, that’s going to show Washington and Chicago that when you come after our guns, we’re going to take you out.”

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  • dutch712

    can we do with obama?

  • Aussie214

    In response to this article as an Australian observing from afar I and many other people i know find the opposition by some very vocal americans to what we would consider common sense gun laws perplexing. Australia has some of the strictest gun laws in the world which we are thankful for as it has saved many lives since the port arthur massacre in which over 30 people died from a man equipped with various military grade weapons which have no sporting value whatsoever. I am an advocate for the safe, sporting use of firearms but recalling a law maker for making decisions based on reason and concern seems absurd and to the commenter below calling someone a “commie” for these laws is irrelevant and ridiculous( IFY Communism is a political ideology not a set of personal beliefs, wouldn’t want you to sound ignorant). thank you for your time

    • mrparker1

      I hope you are happy as an Australian subject.
      You have a beautiful country but have ruined it “progressively”with your socialist regimes.

      We have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms, recent Supreme Court decisions have confirmed that it is an individual right to own and use firearms.

      Semiautomatic rifles have been around more than 100 years and now they are suddenly a problem?

      Our problem is sadly race and drugs. Using FBI statistics, you will find that our larger cities because of drugs and gangs have much higher rates of homicides. If you check, remember that Hispanics are included with Whites. I hate to be blunt but we have to get the truth out. You will also find that more people were murdered with blunt instruments than with rifles.

      Given what has come out recently with obama’s scandals involving surveillance of American citizens, you can understand why he so desperately wants to set up a stealth registration program for firearms. They are our last hope.

      • toptwome

        Thank you, Mr Parker, well stated! So true.

  • abe-froman

    Take that filthy lib to the woodshed. ..recall his commie ass