Recognizing counterfeit L-3 EOTech holographic sights.

Unscrupulous overseas manufacturers and criminal elements in the United States…

Unscrupulous overseas manufacturers and criminal elements in the United States are selling counterfeit L-3 EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights to consumers, as well as police officers and soldiers. The counterfeits copied the outside appearance of the L-3 EOTech sights exactly and some also come with L-3 EOTech Logos and labels to make them appear to be genuine L-3 products. Unlike the counterfeits, all L-3 EOTech holographic weapon sights as well as the consumer models sold by Bushnell are made in the U.S.A.

Counterfeits of three models of the L-3 EOTech holographic weapon sight are now in the market, being sold through web sites based in China and Korea, through EBay and in local gun shows. They are the Model 552 which utilizes two AA batteries, the Model 551 which uses two N batteries and the model 553 (Military designation – SU-231/PEQ) which uses two CR 123 batteries and has two quick detachable throw lever mounts.

Genuine and counterfeit L-3 EOTech holographic weapon sights are shown in Figure 1, 2 and 3 for the three models. The sight on the left is a genuine L-3 EOTech holographic sight and the one on the right is a counterfeit. As one can see, the outside appearances are near identical. Note also that the counterfeit Model 553 sight shown in Figure 3 has the L-3 EOTech logo imprinted on it.

Click here to download more information on counterfeit L-3 EOTech sights.

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