Remington .410 Ultimate Home Defense Load

Remington has just announced the introduction of a .410 shotshell…

Remington has just announced the introduction of a .410 shotshell load.The round has been specifically designed to work in the Taurus “Judge” revolver. Released under their new “Ultimate Home Defense” line of ammunition, Remington has loaded four 00 Buckshot pellets into a 2 ½ inch shotshell. Velocity is advertised as 1300 feet per second out of a factory .410 barrel. No 3 inch shells are planned.

Initial testing showed that the rounds spread out lengthwise, sometimes north/south and sometimes east/west. From a distance of five yards, the shooter was getting average shot spreads of ten to twelve inches.The round is for up close and personal use, but then again so is the Judge. Fired from an original stainless steel Judge chambered for 2 ½ inch shells, the recoil was medium at worst. The “Ribber” grips on the Judge make it a pleasure to shoot.

With this new addition from Remington you can save the bird shot for the snakes. When it comes to loading up for the most dangerous game, the “Ultimate Home Defense” .410 load is a better choice.

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  • KSoda

    I hope it fits better in my Judge than their other shells, every one I’ve shot jams in the cylinder, twice locking up the cylinder as it kicked back and jammed against the firing pin area. They come out very tight, often have to tap hard on ejector rod.

  • Kevin

    Its nice to ammo makers producing ammo for judges.