Remington scores contract with U.S. Army for Model 870 MCS

Madison, NC – The U.S. Army Tank-Automotive & Armaments Command,…

Madison, NC – The U.S. Army Tank-Automotive & Armaments Command, Rock Island, Ill. has awarded Remington Arms Co. Inc., a $1.7 million contract for the purchase of more than 1400 Model 870 Modular Combat Shotgun systems. The Model 870 MCS systems will ultimately be utilized in our Nation’s efforts in the global war on terrorism.

The asymmetrical nature of the modern battlefield has redefined the role of the shotgun for today’s soldier. The greater need for versatility, durability and reliability has made current military shotgun offerings obsolete. Remington has responded to these changing needs with a Combat Shotgun System that provides unmatched operator-level modularity; the Model 870 Modular Combat Shotgun (MCS).

For the first time ever, operators can assemble a shotgun system with unheard-of speed and without tools to match unfolding tactical situations. With the MCS a soldier can assemble the system as an Accessory Weapon, a Ballistic Breaching Tool, a CQB Weapon or a High-Capacity Conventional Shotgun.

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  • MaxRatio

    Price is defensible since it is 4 shotguns (i.e. the modular part) in the system, with interchangeable barrels, stocks, mag tubes, etc. Taxpayer is really only paying around $300/gun in a 4 gun system…less than he would pay at Bass Pro or Cabelas. Don’t be so harsh to criticize when you are not the one on the front line using a tool like this. Saved many a life in the middle east.

  • General Jim M

    An even worse deal is supplying all of the Jihadists in the middle east with M16s and M9s etc.We even supply and train the first terrorist organization i am aware of that hijacked airliners,shot kids in schoolbuses and suicide bombed to get to “paradise”,the PLO!!!!!That is why America is bankrupt and there are threats of government shutdown.We not only pay ridiculous amounts of taxpayer money on weapons for our guys but we equip the ENEMY too.We also support the world and use our troops to fight other nations wars like in LIBYA.The shotguns should be less than 500 each.

  • dt

    1.7 million divided by 1400 equal about $1200 each. What a deal for the taxpayer.