Republican prepares bill to let lawmakers carry guns on House floor.

In response to gun control bills put forth by members…

In response to gun control bills put forth by members of both parties in the aftermath of the Arizona shootings, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is planning to introduce legislation that permits lawmakers to carry firearms on the floor of the House and in Washington, DC.

“There is a rash of legislation further infringing on Second Amendment rights that has been unwisely proffered in the wake of events in Tucson,” Gohmert told The Hill.

“If members of Congress wishes to carry a weapon in the federal District of Columbia, it should be permissible. Accordingly, we are in the process of drafting a bill that will allow members of Congress to do that,” he said.

The plan by Gohmert, a staunch gun rights advocate, came as a rebuke to three bills announced by different members of Congress seeking stronger regulations on guns and ammunition in the wake of shootings Saturday that killed six, including a federal judge, and critically wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and at least a dozen others.

Source: Sahil Kapur for Raw Story.

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  • dt

    Heller v. DC said you could have a handgun in the home in DC. So if this law passes(doubtful)will it allow DC residents to carry or will be an elitist bill that lets only the politicans be armed?

  • its good too see when it comes too their lives they take the second amendment to hart,but when it
    comes to their peoples rights they care so little.
    maby this will show the need for all people to have the right to defend their self and loved ones
    and the right to have their saftey taken serously
    by the US goverment

  • Great if this happens they will catch up w the Texas Legislature! NOW WE NEED TO RESTRICT THE CONGRESS TO 140 DAYS EVERY 2 YEARS…JUST LIKE WE DO IN TEXAS.

  • Good they will finally catch up w the Texas Legislature…

  • Rich Beaudry

    This bill makes more sense than limiting gun owner rights. Had the Congress Woman from Arizona, the Federal Judge or others had their weapons the outcome would have been different.

    For Congress to jump on an anti-gun wagon is just an effort to exploit what this criminal has done. To have a bill that says no guns within 1000 feet of any member of Congress — Who knows on sight ever member of Congress and can assure they won’t violate such a law by accidently walking down a sidewalk at the wrong time.

    I only use factory magazines in my guns, but others may opt for other sizes. To limit the number of bullets in a magazine is to limit one’s ability to protect themselves and their family. What if their are two or more home invaders, or multiple assailants?

    We all need to keep informed and be prepared to share our views with our Members of congress.