Resident creates surveillance data base to help police in French Quarter on New Orleans.

A resident is attempting to reduce crime in his French…

A resident is attempting to reduce crime in his French Quarter neighborhood.
Homeowner Ryan Earls recently installed cameras around his home, but he ran into a problem when he went to New Orleans police to register them.

“I got cameras so I can reach my entire front place,” Earls said. “(But police said) they don’t have a database, so when a crime occurs, they have to canvass the neighborhood for footage.”
Earls said he decided to set up a database for police by creating a website,, and all his neighbors have to do is log on and register their cameras.

“It will give the (New Orleans Police Department) information they can use. If a crime occurs in that location, they’ll know who has a security camera around it and how to get in contact with you to use the footage if they need it,” Earls said.

Source and video: WDSU

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