Retired Texas DPS trooper fatally shoots drugstore robber who took security guard hostage (video).

An armed robber who took a drugstore guard hostage Monday…

An armed robber who took a drugstore guard hostage Monday was shot and killed when he confronted a retired Texas Department of Public Safety trooper, now a security official for the north Harris County business, authorities said.

The masked robber jumped the unarmed security guard about 2:15 p.m. inside the QVL Pharmacy at 850 FM 1960 near the North Freeway.

“At gunpoint, he forced (the guard) to open the security door going to the back of the pharmacy,” said Sgt. Ben Beall with the Harris County Sheriff’s Department’s homicide squad.

Source: Mike Glenn and Erin Mulvaney for

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  • Pat

    Bye bye scumbag!

  • hUGO cOX

    Way to be a stupid, uninformed racist twit Freddie Mac. But then you must be just confirming what is true: that the largest recipients of welfare aid are white women and children. How do you know the perp was black? Just assuming? You’re and idiot.
    But, way to go Trooper. Good work.

  • LJ 101

    Could not have said it any better myself, good job!

  • Freddie Mac

    The way all robberies should end. Dead suspect, breathing Good Guy, and no innocent people killed or hurt. Of course, some welfare mother will claim that her son was a good person who just could fit into society and that is why he was taking hostages at gunpoint.

  • Steve E

    GOOD, another one bites.

    I’m just sorry the retired officer had to have his day extremely complicated by this creep.