Retired Wisconsin officers could be able to carry concealed weapons

RACINE, Wisc.–  One Wisconsin Police Chief understands a retired officers'…

RACINE, Wisc.–  One Wisconsin Police Chief understands a retired officers’ preference to carry a gun after his time of public service and is working to change this policy to match a federal law that allows retired officers the opportunity to become certified to carry concealed weapons.  The program would require an officer to pay $100.00 annually to obtain and keep their concealed carry permit, a fee that would also include the cost of ammunition and training.  For more details on this, click here and return back to comment.

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    Someone needs to go back and read the FLEOSA again. There is no requirement that the retired officers from any specific agency get qualified yearly by their own agency. They only need to be qualified by someone training to the state standard. If I retire from the Maine State Police and move to California, I don’t need to return to Maine once a year. I can simply qualify in California. My department, Springfield Missouri Police, doesn’t qualify their retirees, but those officers qualify at Missouri State University (in the Continuing Ed Unit) with no problem. And the cost is only $35.00, not $100.