To be honest, I have been on more than my…

To be honest, I have been on more than my fair share of factory tours/events. And, although they are always interesting, they can blend together sometimes. However, when the opportunity to visit Colt’s Manufacturing Company in West Hartford, Connecticut, presented itself, I jumped at the chance. The trip represented an effort by Colt to give us a chance to not only see how Colt firearms are made, but also get to know the people behind the guns.


The day started with a detailed tour of the company’s manufacturing plant by Greg Rozum, Colt’s design engineer. A recurring theme throughout the tour was the combination of ultra-modern manufacturing techniques with old-fashioned attention to detail. In fact, even the machinery we saw captured this spirit, with modern CNC machines sitting next to pieces of tooling from the 1930s—all working together to make guns.

Another key point was what they described to us as a “file to fit” approach to manufacturing, representing the human element in their products. “You can make very precise parts with CNC machinery, but for the final fitting, we have our employees clean up and fit the parts by hand,” Greg said.

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