Rock-throwing from Mexico prompts Border Patrol shooting, U.S./Mexico says.

Image: Charles J. Scanlon/Flickr Mexico's foreign ministry has accused a…

Image: Charles J. Scanlon/Flickr

Mexico’s foreign ministry has accused a U.S. Border Patrol agent of fatally shooting a Mexican citizen along the border.

The shooting occurred Monday after agents in the area of Laredo, Texas, “were subjected to rocks being thrown at them from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande River,” the patrol’s Laredo sector said Thursday.

“A weapon was discharged by Border Patrol. All appropriate authorities were notified and the shooting is under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” the statement said.

The U.S. statement did not specify whether a death occurred.

Source: CNN

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  • kurt


  • Trevor

    Good!!! They should shoot at them.A rock is also a weapon that can be used to cause great injury and /or even death.They have been assaulting are BP agents and nothing gets done about it so hopefully this will remind them that there are consequences to their actions