Russia to test 90 new types of weapon in 2011.

Nearly 90 types of new weaponry will be tested in…

Nearly 90 types of new weaponry will be tested in 2011, Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday.

The weapons include Iskander-M, S-300, S-400, Tor-M2 and Buk missile systems, Panzir-S anti-aircraft missile-and-cannon complex, Smerch missile volley-fire system, as well as intercontinental ballistic missiles, Interfax news agency reported.

According to the ministry, the tests will be held in the Kapustin Yar testing range in Astrakhan region.

Some 350 missile launches have been conducted from Kapustin Yar last year in the interests of Russian, Algerian, Azerbaijani, Belarussian, Vietnamese, Venezuelan and Myanmar armed forces, the ministry said.


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  • General Jim M

    Do you think that maybe the way our leaders seem to be attacking any country that they feel like that maybe the Russians are getting nervous.We’ve been acting like Nazi Germany at the beginning of the war.We just bomb whoever we want to.Well not we,but our Council on Foreign Relations guided government.It seems to be at the point that our governmental leaders don’t care in the least what concerns Americans might have about our being aggressive all over the world.I’m not anti war but i’m anti bullying any small country that offends us.It’s not like we’d dare to screw with China or Russia.