Russian Defence Ministry to destroy millions of stockpiled small arms until 2015.

Steve Woods photo The Russian Defence Ministry will hold a…

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The Russian Defence Ministry will hold a large-scale disposal of obsolete small arms – pistols, rifles, machine guns and automatic rifles, the newspaper “Izvestia”. We are talking about weapons issued to the 1980s. A total of 2015 planned to dispose of four million barrels. According to the source of the newspaper in the military-industrial complex, military depots to date has accumulated nearly 16 million small arms, 6.45 million of whom are already worn out.

It should be noted that the assessment announced by the source of the newspaper is probably not accurate. In September 2011 the First Deputy Defence Minister of Russia Alexander Sukhorukov said that the stocks of only AK-74 in the warehouses is around 17 million units. Taking into account other types of firearms that are stored at military arsenals, the total number of stems may be several tens of millions. At the same time the Russian armed forces comprise a million people.


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  • why destroy them. demill them and sell them as parts kit here in america. ill be the first in line. $199 for an ak74 parts kits would be nice

  • Jman

    No why??? send them to the united states we will buy them I mean the people not our Government…