S. Carolina homeowner wakes up to burglar in kitchen, shoots him twice in the chest (video).

Buck says the neighborhood where the incident happened is like…

Buck says the neighborhood where the incident happened is like any other. “New Friarsgate is a large neighborhood, several thousand homes. It’s a middle class neighborhood,” he says, “A good cross section of people live there. You know, it’s not perfect, but I don’t think any neighborhood in America is.”

Tuesday morning, the alarm that one homeowner on Trinity Three Road woke up to would fall into that category. “Our suspect broke into our victim’s house, the homeowner’s house, through the kitchen window. Homeowner was at home asleep, about 9:30 this morning, heard the banging, out of fear for his safety obtained his pistol,” says Bucks, “Went downstairs, was confronted by the unknown subject in the kitchen, was coming into the kitchen. Out of fear for his life, he shot the person twice.”

Police say the suspect both shots that hit the suspect were in the chest, but he then ran through the backyard and then another yard before collapsing in the street. Explains Buck, “We got a 911 call from people living in new Friarsgate that appeared to be shot in the road on North Royal Tower Drive, followed shortly after that by a 911 call from the victim, the homeowner.”

Source: Tony Santaella and Sydney Cummins for WLTX.

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Good for the homeowner, one less thug. Hope he survives that aftermath ok