NHL’s Buffalo Sabres have their prospects train with Navy SEALs (video).

Prospects in the Buffalo Sabres summer development camp are undergoing…

Prospects in the Buffalo Sabres summer development camp are undergoing a rather unique training regimen. In an attempt to gain a mental as well as a physical edge, prospects such as Mikhail Grigorenko and Luke Adam have been working with Navy SEALs for the past week.

In an interview on Sabres.com, Adam admitted that the training is helping him grow as a person.

“It’s a lot of mental training. I don’t know if it’s as much a hockey player as it was a person,” explains Adam. “They said ‘we’re not training you from the neck down; we’re training you from the neck up.’”


There are 39 players in total at the camp, who start every morning by waking up at 4:30 a.m. and undergo various drills such as swimming, squats, pushups, crunches and several unconventional exercises that sometimes involve giant logs.

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  • Sampson

    Do the SEALs get to play hockey against the Sabres?You could renname the SEALs— SEALIs “sea air land and ice”!!!!!

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Sore arms will make you smart

  • geo mora

    This is great! There should also be a revived program for troubled kids working on farms. To hell with the damned liars, oops, I meant lawyers.
    Go Ron Paul!
    Life Liberty, Property!!!!!! Not pursuit of happiness, whatever the hell that is?