Saginaw County, Michigan gun dealer stays busy as businesses try to stay safe.

Don’t tell gun shop owner Phil Sheridan the economy is…

Don’t tell gun shop owner Phil Sheridan the economy is sputtering. Sales at his Saginaw County firearms store are booming.

The reason? Sheridan attributes it to people who want to protect their businesses or those seeking a sense of personal safety.

“With the political and economic situation, a lot of people are afraid, and the resources for police are stretched thin,” said Sheridan, owner and instructor at Sheridan Arms in Saginaw Township.

Sheridan Arms sells handguns and rifles, and offers training for concealed weapons licenses, assault and tactical rifles and other firearms.

Business owners and employees looking to protect their assets are a big part of his clientele, and business has increased as much as 30 to 40 percent in the past couple of years, Sheridan said.

Party store owners, property managers and even upper-level executives have come into the shop, located at 2486 Midland, looking for some training and protection in the form of a handgun.

“Most businesses have a couple (guns),” Sheridan said. “At party stores you are exposed to any kind of person who wants to walk in, real estate agents and landlords are walking into vacant places, and even executives, with mass firings and layoffs, are feeling threatened and want the protection (guns) offer.”

Source: Kathryn Lynch-Morin for The Saginaw News.

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