San Diego Police Arrest “Out of Control” 300+ lb. Man

Several San Diego Police officers had quite a night after…

Several San Diego Police officers had quite a night after arresting a half-naked, out of control man in Tierrasanta. It started as a domestic violence call. The suspect’s wife told authorities he had attacked her, his elderly mother and his 4-year-old daughter.

Police responded to the 10300 block of Orozco Road in Tierrasanta around 10:30 Monday evening to find the man, wearing only shorts, sitting on a parked motorcycle making engine noises with his mouth. When he saw them, he ran in the home and closed the garage door on the officers.

Two officers found the man in the home and tried to detain him. A struggled ensued and they immediately called for additional help. At one point officers used a Taser gun, but it proved uneffective.

“Our officers used absolutely great restraint in taking this guy into custody taking the less than lethal options we had weren’t working based on the guy’s size and eventually more officers came to the assistance of the first two officers,” said Lt. David Rohowits with the San Diego Police Department.

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