SFO Crash Fatality May Have Been Killed by Rescue Truck

In what would only compound the tragedy, the San Mateo…

In what would only compound the tragedy, the San Mateo County coroner’s office is investigating whether one of two 16-year-old Chinese students who died following Saturday’s crash of an Asiana Airlines jet was hit and killed by an arriving rescue vehicle.

The revelation was the latest in a series of developments in the investigation into the crash of Flight 214, which injured nearly 200 people.

In the seconds before its deadly crash-landing Saturday at San Francisco International Airport, the pilots tried to abort the landing to make another try, officials said Sunday. But, the Boeing 777 did not have enough speed and was flying too low, causing the plane to clip the sea wall, snapping off its tail, before it bounced and slid in a fiery crash.

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