San Francisco Police Quadski
Photo by @darrenrovell/Twitter

San Francisco Police Debut Quadski, Mix of ATV and Jetski

The quadski will help the San Francisco Police Department conquer sea and land, as the jetski conveniently converts to an ATV.

The San Francisco Police Department debuted its all new quadski this weekend in the waters outside AT&T Park at McCovey Cove.

According to ABC News:

The “quadski” goes way off road. It can turn from an ATV into a jetski with the flip of a switch. People are comparing it to the Batmobile.

It is basically a Transformer. It converts from an all-terrain four wheeler to a jetski and Tuesday is its official unveiling for Law Enforcement Appreciation Night at AT&T Park.

“It’s pretty unique. This watercraft will do 45 miles per hour on land or water. It just changes from mode to mode in a push of a button,” SFPD Sgt. Keith Matthews told ABC News.

Two quadskis were gifted to the department by Mark Benioff, CEO of San Francisco-based company Salesforce.

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