San Francisco takes another look at its sanctuary law

SAN FRANCISCO - San Francisco authorities say road rage in…

SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco authorities say road rage in one of the nation’s most traffic-ridden cities caused an illegal immigrant unloaded an AK-47 on a man and his two sons, killing both of them during a traffic jam.  The killings caused San Francisco’s liberal politics to rethink the city’s sanctuary law that allows undocumented immigrants to avoid deportation.  For more details on this, click here and return back to comment.

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  • Eric

    While shocking to those uninitiated with the Criminal Justice System, the prior release of the alleged killer is certainly not unique. This is actually quite common for those unlucky enough to have embraced the “be-a-hero-with-a-badge” propaganda (like I did in my misspent youth) only to discover how the system really works, and, “Dorothy and Toto,” it doesn’t work the way you think it should “beyond the yellow brick road!” Well, at least not in large, highly political urban areas, anyway. The Criminal Justice System is a “SYSTEM” of bureaucratic and, especially, political priorities, not really “justice” priorities (which DO NOT generally benefit individual “upwardly mobile” careers of ambitious prosecutors), and the “system’s” group-think perspective is essentially “short-term,” too, with little thought given to what is best for society-at-large. As far as the political moderation-causing effects on trying alleged illegal immigrants (now, a highly “protected class”) accused of heinous crimes, consider the following: the highest office in the land (at the urging of elite university academics with an anti-American/pro-UN “global governance perspective”) supports an “open-boarder” with Mexico as well as other “less fortunate” countries. Most (formerly “American”) FORTUNE 500 companies do as well to benefit their globalization agendas. Big Media supports an open border! Furthermore, many high ranking officials say “nothing can be done” about the illegal immigrants already here; thus, they thereby “de facto” support an open boarder, too. Predictably, criminal groups also favor an open border for obvious reasons. With so much “support” for the illegal immigrant phenomenon, is it any coincidence this particular individual was released on his prior alleged crimes? Now, his most recent alleged crime is so “high-profile,” the DA’s Office can’t just let the “protected class,” alleged killer go on technical grounds, especially since the crime was committed by means of a dreaded “assault weapon,” which is defined (as a term of political/legal “art”) under California law (PC 120276, which, ironically, is the actual foundation of the Clinton Ban!) as any self-loading rifle with a detachable magazine and one or more of the following features: pistol grip, flash suppressor, bayonet-lug, or any feature the attorney general determines is especially dangerous! Never mind it isn’t select-fire and no army would issue it. But, hey, what do facts matter when “great” political movements (e.g., open borders and civilian gun bans at the behest of the UN) are at stake?! Of course, the crime would be less heinous if it was committed with a hunting rifle (particularly with an “old-school” wood stock) or a person in an even more “protected class” (for example, perhaps, a fed-up, self-styled Buddhist “Monk” on a drug-induced psychotic low???). Political necessity trumps Justice almost every time, unless there is sufficient Media and public interest (fueled by intense emotion). For now and the foreseeable future, the greatest “protected class” (and political interest) is being an illegal immigrant from a Latin American country, particularly Mexico. When there isn’t sufficient public outcry and “protected class” politics exerts its influence, prosecutors tend to drop charges. In “academic-speak” this is often labeled “political jurisprudence,” but I am sure an “entrepreneurial” academic (probably a Dem law professor) is available to vigorously debate this! For example, if our alleged killer with the AK used a hunting rifle without too many witnesses, the prosecution could justify dropping the charges on the ground of something like “insanity because of personality forming trauma ‘structurally’ caused in the environment psychologically ‘poisoned’ by the ready availability of lethal weapons!” Obviously, I am using some satire here, but this illustrates how many prosecutors think: “the gun made ‘em do it” or “trauma from being ridiculed as an illegal immigrant made ‘em do it.” To understand such actions, one must understand both politics and the ideological interpretation of the world from the perspective of the adversarial attorney. In this case, the formerly “anti-death penalty” District Attorney is, now (miraculously), “pro-death penalty.” However, this is probably not a change-of-heart to my cynical mind. It is probably just political expediency. The City of San Francisco is the most anti-self-defense jurisdiction, after New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, so it is quite unlikely the DA is suddenly concerned about the well-being of the average citizen. The truth is the “sanctuary concept” is a powerful political foundation of the Democrats’ (and UN’s) social agenda because it fundamentally ties into the “open-border” goals of American academics and policy makers of the last 40 years.

  • Michael in Roseville CA

    Please read the article in the attached link. What is so amazing is this portion:

    “Ramos was arrested in late March with another man after police discovered a gun used in a double homicide in the car Ramos was driving.

    The district attorney’s office decided not to file charges against Ramos, and he was released April 2 even though he was in the process of being deported after his application for legal residence was denied, according to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

    How is it possible to be arrested with a gun which was used in a homicide, in a city that tried to ban handguns, and be let free?

    I saw an interview of Mrs. Bologna. It is the most moving, heart-felt, compassioned thing I have ever seen. In addition, she is intelligent, articulate and on point with what has happened, what the problem is and who is to blame. If anyone can justify allowing any criminals back on the street as the city of San Francisco has after watching this crushed mother and wife, they have no soul. morals or ethics. I saw rep Tancredo on and it appears he is going to help Mrs. Bologna to sue the city and Newsom. I hope everyone will get behind her and provide her any help she needs.

    We have to stop all the non-sense about ILLEGAL immigration. It is illegal and has to stop. If there is not a better example of why, this is it.